Choose The HOCO Dress That Makes You Feel Proud, Confident and Beautiful from The Inside Out

Choose The HOCO Dress That Makes You Feel Proud, Confident and Beautiful from The Inside Out

Sep 3rd 2022

How to Choose the Perfect Homecoming Dress for You?

Homecoming 2023 is fast approaching, and if it’s your first time attending, you may be wondering what kind of dress to wear. For those who don’t know, a Homecoming is usually a week-long event that ends with a semi-formal dance. It’s held at the beginning of the academic year by schools and universities, as a way to welcome back their students.

Hoco activities can include a football game, other sporting and fun events, and most importantly, the dance. Many teens get excited about dressing up and celebrating this special occasion. It’s not quite as dressy or formal as your prom night, but there are still a few style rules you should follow.

For 2023, homecoming dresses are now more stylish and fashion-forward than ever before. You can also find a wide range of styles and sizes. This ensures that every girl can look unique and beautiful for this fun night.

As well as considering the latest trends, you ultimately want a dress that you feel comfortable wearing. Many girls aren’t afraid to rock a sexy look, while others are simply more at home in a modest dress. Whatever you pick, you can shine bright in a dress style or color that makes your outfit unforgettable!

To make sure you get the look just right, here are some of our top tips for picking homecoming dresses.

What is appropriate to wear for homecoming?

For your homecoming dance, you’ll more than likely need a short semi-formal dress. This should be a party-style cocktail design. You can still choose the silhouette, neckline and other details. The dress can include prints, embellishments or other details to make you stand out. The fit and flare silhouette is a popular option that is comfortable to dance in. For a glamorous look, you could also try on a bodycon dress for homecoming. This could feature spaghetti straps or long sleeves and can be composed of jersey fabric to show off your figure. 

How to Choose a Homecoming Dress

  • Give yourself time! You don’t want to be in a rush when picking your dress. Give yourself several weeks before the dance to pick out a dress. The earlier you shop; the more choice will likely be in stores. You can take your time to decide between several different options and try on as many styles as you like
  • Understand your body shape. The best way to pick any kind of dress is to focus on what best suits your own shape. The easiest method to do this is to try on a variety of silhouettes until you see which design features flatter you. For example, if you love to show off your shoulders, you’ll want to look for strapless dresses. If you’d prefer to cover your arms, narrow down your search to only include long sleeve homecoming dresses.
  • Pick a flattering color. The color is just as important as the style and fit. Make sure the shade is a good match for your skin tone and hair color. You will instinctively observe this as you try on dresses, but make sure you do pay attention to how well the shade suits you and influences your complexion.
  • Coordinate with your date. If you’re going with a date, you may want to subtly coordinate your outfits. This isn’t as important as prom, so no need to spend hours linking both outfits together. However, a little coordination looks great and photographs well. This can be as simple as matching a tie to a dress color.
  • Consider your accessories and makeup. What you wear with the dress needs to be planned out in advance, so make sure you try on the whole outfit before the dance. See that every item coordinates well, and your makeup and hairstyling will be suitable too.

Homecoming Dresses – Your Questions – Answered!

To help you understand exactly what you should and shouldn’t wear to Homecoming, here are the most common questions with simple answers.

What kind of dress do you wear to Homecoming?

You can wear any kind of cocktail/party dress to Homecoming, as long as it fits your school’s dress code! You are usually given the freedom to select any color or type of dress. This includes fit and flare, bodycon and two-piece options.

Can Homecoming dresses be long?

Yes. It’s rare that Homecoming dresses are long but usually reserved for the Homecoming Court. 

Are Homecoming dresses supposed to be short?

Yes! Short homecoming dresses are the most common, although you could also wear a romper, midi dress or full-length jumpsuit. If in doubt, check with the committee in charge of organizing to figure out what is most appropriate.

Is Homecoming formal?

Homecoming is considered a semi-formal event. Think of it as attending a dressy party or special occasion. You want to wear a fancy dress that fits the night and looks right for the dress code or Homecoming theme.

How should I dress for Homecoming?

Wearing a short party dress that you feel comfortable and flattered in is the best choice. Shop around and pick a dress that represents your style best. Everything from simple jersey styles to embellished and floral print designs are usually acceptable, so you have plenty of room to express yourself.

What should you not wear to Homecoming?

Anything too casual or formal. For example, sportswear or athletic items are simply too relaxed for the dress code. A long ballgown or prom dress is considered too formal for a homecoming dance in general.

Do you get a corsage for Homecoming?

Your date might decide to get you a corsage to mark homecoming, however it is not as common as prom to receive a corsage before the event.

How can I look good at Homecoming?

To look good for your homecoming dance, make sure you feel confident, proud and beautiful from the inside out. Your dress should be a design that feels natural and comfortable to wear, and the same goes for your makeup, hair, and accessories.